WARNING:  Falling Rock Falls is a beautiful place, but is also VERY DANGEROUS! ! !  This ain't Disney World...there are no fences or guide rails.  If you fall, the sudden stop WILL KILL you.  USE EXTREME CAUTION!

The lip of the falls is on a downward slope and kind of sneaks up on you.  Be very careful if you decide to take a peek over the edge.

I do not recommend that you allow small children to accompany you on this trip.




Falling Rock Falls Video (optimized for broadband connection)

To view this video, you must have the latest version of Real Networks Real One Player (look for the link that says Free Player...upper right corner).  Broad band users can stream the video, however, those with dial up connections will have to download the entire file (5.78MB) in order to play the video from their hard drive.  You can save the file by right-clicking on it and choosing "Save As".

If for no other reason, visit the Cahaba River WMA to see this waterfall.  While I am not certain, I estimate the drop from the top of the lip to the rocks below to be just under 90 feet (help me out here if you know better). 

The images below were taken on January 21, 2001 after several weeks of rain.  During the dryer months of summer, the volume of water is much less...but it is still spectacular.  Click on the images below for a larger view, but be warned the larger pictures are about 400k and will be slow to download with a dial-up connection.

Falling Rock Falls (379993 bytes)    Falling Rock Falls (332362 bytes)    Falling Rock Falls (372066 bytes)    Falling Rock Falls (310606 bytes)

The photographs below were made on February 23, 2003.  There had been a lot of rain the over the past couple of weeks.  The file sizes of these photographs are much more reasonable (130kb or less).  All photographs are copyright Greg Evans 2003.



It is hard to tell from the pictures, but there is a large cavern beneath the falls that has been carved away over the eons.  Unfortunately, some visitors to the falls and the cavern were not concerned about packing out their trash.  The site is not overly littered, and if you go to the bottom to view the cavern, please look around and take out any trash you might see as well as anything that you take down.

DIRECTIONS:  From Helena at the intersection of Hwy 52 and Hwy 17, turn South on Hwy 17.  Turn Right on Co. Rd. 22 towards Dogwood.  The road leading to the Falls is the 2nd road on the right, once you leave Dogwood.  If you pass Macedonia Church (on your right), you have gone too far. 

The gate on this road has been closed.  I have heard that this is due to an accident at the falls.  When you park at the gate, you are no farther than .7 miles from the falls "as the crow flies".  Go around the gate and begin walking up the road.  Take the first road on the left (about a half of a mile).  Follow this road and take your first right.  Go about a quarter mile and be looking to your left for an road that leads down a hill.  Dirt has been piled up in front of the road to discourage vehicle traffic.  Go around the dirt mounds and down the hill, then follow your ears.  BE CAREFUL ! ! !  Approach the falls with caution.  They don't call it Falling Rock Falls for nothing.

The walk from your parking spot to the top of the falls takes about 15-20 minutes and is not strenuous.  There is a trail that leads down to the bottom of the falls and you can go back behind the falls in an open cavern.  From the top of the falls, looking downstream, the trail is to your right.  You'll see it!

The link below will take you to a topographic map of the Falling Rock Falls location.  Ignore the roads on the Topo as it was produced in the 1970s and is inaccurate.  Simply take your first left and then your first right.

Topographic Map of Falling Rock Falls


The falls are shown on a topographical map of the area.  You can obtain a topo map of the area (you want the Pea Ridge Quadrangle) from Carto-Craft Maps, Inc. near Shades Mountain in Birmingham.  They can be reached at 205/822-2103.


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